1. ayllined:


    I hope you die whoever the fuck you are

    Wishing death on someone is wrong

    Wanting to legalize rap is fucking wrong! Have you been raped?! Cause it’s the most fucked up thing you can do to a person and anyone who wishes to do that can get hit by a bus in my book

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    Why do people think that rape isn’t serious!?
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    Ya I do take that fucking serious that is NOT something to joke about!! Rape is a serious subject!!
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    too late. someone fell for the bait. abort mission. someone is taking the internet seriously.
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    I think it’s time to introduce you to what apparently is a new concept: Trolls and sarcasm.
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    Silly shite, it is a prank people are performing
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    Yes, I have been raped and I was glad I didn’t lose my legs, so no. Rape is not the worst thing that can happen to...
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    Hell if you don’t sign it I will!
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